Epson T1241-T1244 Compatible Cartridge Set with Refill Ink Combo[E4C124SET]

Product Model: E4C124SET

Price: $95.00

Product Information

Compatible with Epson (T1241 Black, T1242 Cyan, T1243 Magenta, T1244 Yellow.) The refillable Silo Ink cartridges contain ink made from a custom formula designed especially for Epson printers. Silo Ink inks are made in Germany and has 99.9% of the same color consistencies as ink made from Epson. These refillable cartridges are the last set of cartridges you'll ever buy for your printer. With each bottle, you can refill a cartridge 10 times. That's 40 cartridges worth of ink for a fraction of the price! Reduce plastic consumption, save money, while maintaining high quality prints