HP-88 Compatible Ink Cartridge System[H4C88-B80]

Product Model: H4C88-B80

Price: $102.00

Product Information

Recycle - Reduce - and Reuse with Silo Ink's Cartridge System. Compatible with any HP printer that uses the HP 88 ink cartridge. This system's ink capacity is greater than 4x the capacity of the OEM cartridge per color. The external chamber will automatically refill the internal ink cartridge during normal use. Reduce by never having to throw away another cartridge as long as you own your printer. Reuse by purchasing Silo Ink's refill ink for your Inkjet Cartridge System. Recycle our products to minimize the amount of waste generated. Great solution for the minimal to moderate inkjet printer user. Includes: • 4 air filters • 4 color cartridges • 1 external reservoir • 1 tubing bracket • 1 installation sheet Product Specifications: • 4 colors (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) • Premium grade dye ink • 80ml of ink per color • Silicone Tubing and polypropylene ink reservoirs • Plug and Play • No Software required