HP 11, HP 82, HP 84 [6 Color] Compatible Cartridge Set and Refil[H6C8485Combo]

Product Model: H6C8485Combo

Price: $150.00

Product Information

Compatible with HP (HP 84 Black, HP 84 Cyan, HP 84 Magenta, HP 82 Yellow, HP 11 Light Cyan, HP 11 Light Magenta.) The refillable Silo Ink cartridges contain ink made from a custom formula designed especially for HP printers. Silo Ink inks are made in Germany and has 99.9% of the same color consistencies as ink made from HP. These refillable cartridges are the last set of cartridges you'll ever buy for your printer. With each bottle, you can refill a cartridge up to 4 times. That's 24 cartridges worth of ink for a fraction of the price! Reduce plastic consumption, save money, while maintaining high quality prints.